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dc.creator Sapolsky, Harvey
dc.creator McKinney, Ethan
dc.creator Gholz, Eugene 2002-09-13T15:38:09Z 2002-09-13T15:38:09Z 1994-06 2013-05-31T18:19:32Z 2013-05-31T18:19:32Z 2013-06-01
dc.description This report reviews the six most recent major acquisition reform reports, starting in 1949 with the Hoover Commissions and including McNamara's Total Package Procurement, Fitzhugh Commission, the Commission on Government Procurement,the Grace Commission, and ending with the Packard Commission report in 1986. The reports' recommendations are devided into six areas: centralized procurement, professionalization of the acquisition corps, management improvements, changes in contracting procedures, new development strategies, and legislative/executive relations.
dc.description Lean Aerospace Initiative
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dc.format application/pdf
dc.language en_US
dc.subject weapons acquisition
dc.subject Hoover Commissions
dc.subject acquisition
dc.title Acquisition Reform

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