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Curving simulation and stability of a creep-controlled wheelset for high speed rail-vehicles

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dc.creator Meisinger Reinhold
dc.date 1999
dc.date.accessioned 2013-05-30T11:10:19Z
dc.date.available 2013-05-30T11:10:19Z
dc.date.issued 2013-05-30
dc.identifier http://www.scielo.br/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S0100-73861999000300009
dc.identifier http://www.doaj.org/doaj?func=openurl&genre=article&issn=01007386&date=1999&volume=21&issue=3&spage=477
dc.identifier.uri http://koha.mediu.edu.my:8181/jspui/handle/123456789/4405
dc.description Higher travel speeds of rail vehicles will be possible by developing sophisticated top performance bogies having creep-controlled wheelsets. In this case the torque transmission between the right and the left wheel is realized by an actively controlled creep coupling. To investigate hunting stability and curving capability the linear equations of motion are written in state space notation. Simulation results are obtained with realistic system parameters from industry and various controller gains. The advantage of the ?creep-controlled wheelset" is discussed by comparison the simulation results with the dynamic behaviour of the special cases ?solid-axle wheelset" and ?loose wheelset" (independent rotation of the wheels). The stability is also investigated with a root-locus analysis.
dc.publisher The Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences
dc.source Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences
dc.subject Rail Vehicles
dc.subject Dynamics
dc.subject Vehicles Dynamics Simulation
dc.subject Creep Control
dc.subject High Speed Vehicles
dc.title Curving simulation and stability of a creep-controlled wheelset for high speed rail-vehicles

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