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dc.creator Meador, Clifton 2007 2013-05-29T21:56:06Z 2013-05-29T21:56:06Z 2013-05-30
dc.description From a talk originally delivered at the November 2006 Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts ConferenceThere is more interest in book arts now than ever before: dozens of colleges and art schools offer classes in book arts, and centers of book art have been created in nearly every large city in America. Opportunities for education in the book arts abound, and it seems as though something significant is changing in the way people talk about the book arts. A discipline is evolving, a conceptual framework for thinking about making books is emerging.
dc.publisher The Book Arts Web - Peter D. Verheyen
dc.source The Bonefolder, an e-journal for the bookbinder and book artist
dc.subject Clifton Meador
dc.subject Book Arts
dc.subject Discipline
dc.subject Teaching
dc.subject Education
dc.subject Curriculum
dc.title Disciplining a Craft

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