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The Determinants of the Global Digital Divide : A Cross-Country Analysis of Computer and Internet Penetration

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dc.creator Chinn, Menzie D.
dc.creator Fairlie, Robert W.
dc.date 2004
dc.date.accessioned 2013-10-16T07:11:12Z
dc.date.available 2013-10-16T07:11:12Z
dc.date.issued 2013-10-16
dc.identifier http://hdl.handle.net/10419/20571
dc.identifier ppn:46445624X
dc.identifier.uri http://koha.mediu.edu.my:8181/xmlui/handle/10419/20571
dc.description To identify the determinants of cross-country disparities in personal computer and Internet penetration, we examine a panel of 161 countries over the 1999-2001 period. Our candidate variables include economic variables (income per capita, years of schooling, illiteracy, trade openness), demographic variables (youth and aged dependency ratios, urbanization rate), infrastructure indicators (telephone density, electricity consumption), telecommunications pricing measures, and regulatory quality. With the exception of trade openness and the telecom pricing measures, these variables enter in as statistically significant in most specifications for computer use. A similar pattern holds true for Internet use, except that telephone density and aged dependency matter less. The global digital divide is mainly – but by no means entirely – accounted for by income differentials. For computers, telephone density and regulatory quality are of second and third importance, while for the Internet, this ordering is reversed. The region-specific explanations for large disparities in computer and Internet penetration are generally very similar. Our results suggest that public investment in human capital, telecommunications infrastructure, and the regulatory infrastructure can mitigate the gap in PC and Internet use.
dc.language eng
dc.relation IZA Discussion paper series 1305
dc.rights http://www.econstor.eu/dspace/Nutzungsbedingungen
dc.subject L96
dc.subject O30
dc.subject ddc:330
dc.subject computers
dc.subject Internet
dc.subject digital divide
dc.subject infrastructure
dc.subject pricing
dc.subject regulation
dc.subject Internet
dc.subject PC (Personal Computer)
dc.subject Informationstechnik
dc.subject Innovationsdiffusion
dc.subject Informationsgesellschaft
dc.subject Digital Divide
dc.subject Vergleich
dc.subject Welt
dc.title The Determinants of the Global Digital Divide : A Cross-Country Analysis of Computer and Internet Penetration
dc.type doc-type:workingPaper

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