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The Effect of Health Changes and Long-Term Health on the Work Activity of Older Canadians

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dc.creator Au, Doreen
dc.creator Crossley, Thomas F.
dc.creator Schellhorn, Martin
dc.date 2004
dc.date.accessioned 2013-10-16T07:11:00Z
dc.date.available 2013-10-16T07:11:00Z
dc.date.issued 2013-10-16
dc.identifier http://hdl.handle.net/10419/20547
dc.identifier ppn:460227483
dc.identifier.uri http://koha.mediu.edu.my:8181/xmlui/handle/10419/20547
dc.description Using longitudinal data from the Canadian National Population Health Survey (NPHS), we study the relationship between health and employment among older Canadians. We focus on two issues: (1) the possible endogeneity of self-reported health, particularly ?justification bias?, and (2) the relative importance of health changes and long-term health in the decision to work. The NPHS contains the HUI3, an ?objective? health index which has been gaining popularity in empirical work. We contrast estimates of the impact of health on employment using self-assessed health, the HUI3, and a ?purged? health measure similar to that employed by Bound et al. (1999) and Disney et al. (2003). A direct test suggests that selfassessed health suffers from justification bias. However, the HUI3 provides estimates that are similar to the ?purged? health measure. We also corroborate recent U.S. and U.K. findings that changes in health are important in the work decision.
dc.language eng
dc.relation IZA Discussion paper series 1281
dc.rights http://www.econstor.eu/dspace/Nutzungsbedingungen
dc.subject J26
dc.subject I12
dc.subject ddc:330
dc.subject health
dc.subject health changes
dc.subject employment
dc.subject older workers
dc.subject Gesundheit
dc.subject Erwerbstätigkeit
dc.subject Arbeitsangebot
dc.subject Ältere Arbeitskräfte
dc.subject Schätzung
dc.subject Kanada
dc.title The Effect of Health Changes and Long-Term Health on the Work Activity of Older Canadians
dc.type doc-type:workingPaper

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